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Google Analytics training in London

At Passion-Net Training, we offer customers a Google analytics training workshop and course in central London or South Ruislip, West London.

Classroom-based training in Google Analytics London

Google Analytics is a website measurement and optimisation tool freely available online from Google. Organisations both large and small around the world use it to improve their online presence and drive efficiencies in their online marketing spend. Google Analytics can inform you on how engaged your visitors are with your website and from understanding the measurements in its reporting, you can then devise strategies to help generate more leads and convert more customers.

This is course supports a maximum class size of 6 students run out of a central London location, and is primarily geared towards providing a comprehensive introduction to the various reports available within the tool. It costs £495 inclusive for over half-a-day's training for one student - with a second possible student attending free from the same organisation. If you have more than two students from your organisation wanting to attend then contact me for bespoke pricing. If you are attending alone then you may wish to consider 1-2-1 learning at £295 for half-a-day's Google Analytics training in South Ruislip, West London - this will be more cost effective for you rather than paying the single student price.

A half-day 1-2-1 Google Analytics training workshop and course in West London

This half-day course will introduce the key features of the Google Analytics dashboard and reports. The aim is to equip the learner with the know-how to interrogate Google Analytics for reporting purposes to help you get the best performance from your website and in turn help you come up with better online marketing strategies to promote your brand online to drive leads and sales. There will be a discussion around the more advanced topics. We will be hands-on, using live data to demonstrate. Google Analytics training course materials will also be provided. There will be a short breaks as you need.

Try the Two-hour Google Analytics taster. If you do not have the time for a half-day workshop, why not try the two-hour taster? Get the essentials. Speak to me to find out more on 075404 30027 or send an email via the contact form below.

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What you’ll learn:

  • Setting up a Google analytics account
  • Creating a property
  • Creating a sub-property
  • Deleting a property
  • Deleting an account
  • Getting and implementing your Google Analytics tracking code to add to your site so you can start tracking
  • Views - these are certain windows through which you have framed the data you are examining
  • Cleaning your data so you can have a deeper level of trust in what is being reported. A look at 'filtering' to exclude undesirable or false visitor traffic.
        Defining metrics you want to measure on your site in the context of your business or project's objectives
  • Familiarisation with the Google Analytics interface
  • Audience report - learn more about the characteristics of your visitors
        Audience overview

  • Audience overview
  • New Vs Returning Users
  • Demographics: age/ gender/ interests
  • Geo report – language/ location/ country/city splits
  • Technology: What Browser types visitors are using/Device - what devices visitors are using when landing on your site
  • Share of Mobile Vs Desktop-based traffic
  • User flow / pathways through your site and various splits
  • Acquisition report - find out what marketing channels your visitors come from
  • Search console - tying Google online search queries for your website
  • Discussion and overview of Google Adwords and Google Search console integration
  • Discussion and overview of Campaigns report and tagging
  • Behaviour reports - find out what content or pages your visitors are viewing
  • Site content drilldown: Landing pages - these are pages which visitors for land on/Exit pages - these are pages visitors leave your site from
  • Site search - online search queries visitors use when searching for something on your site
  • Campaign overview
  • Conversions report - tracking defined actions you want visitors to perform on your site such as submitting a contact form, downloading a whitepaper or buying a product
  • Discussion of 'Goals' - creating behavioural targets for visitors to achieve and recording when these targets have been completed
  • Creating a destination goal plus discussion of goal types
  • Multi-channel funnels - observing the interplay of channels on the journey path to converting your visitor
  • Discussion of 'Attribution' and attribution models - what, where and when certain channels should be credited for assisting or converting a visitor
  • ​Creating segments - looking at specific characteristics of visitors. A segment is a subset of data you wish to focus on and isolate. An example would be to look at visitors only from a particular location
  • Creating shortcuts - fast access to the reports you use most often which can be called upon time and again
  • Creating Dashboards - dashboards are topline metrics or characteristics about your visitors which you can create, to get a quick sense of how key measures are performing on your website
  • Annotations in Google Analytics
  • Using search and advanced search
  • Discussion of setting up a Goal Funnel
  • Using date control to compare date ranges
  • Filtering out 'internal traffic'. It's wise to filter out traffic coming from you or your employees as this will artificially inflate traffic and related data within your Google Analytics set-up
  • Discussion of Custom reports - custom reports are just that. These are user-defined reports you create outside of the standard reporting features
  • Discussion around Ecommerce reports - Ecommerce reports are typically for retail websites where products, subscriptions or services are sold online. Ecommerce reports can display values for volume of orders, conversion rate and transaction value for example

Get in touch:

To arrange a Google Analytics training workshop and course session, get in touch. Passion-Net Training is based in South Ruislip, West London, UK – serving locations such as Northwood, Pinner, Eastcote, Ruislip, Harrow, Middlesex and West London. Classroom based training will be run in central London and costs £495 for up to two people from the same organisation to receive over half-a-day's training. If three or more people from your organisation wish to learn Google Analytics then get in touch for bespoke pricing. Our Google Analytics half-day training 1-2-1workshop is priced at £295 and is perfect if it is just you who wants to be trained. Just you - but haven't got the time? Contact me about the Google Analytics two-hour taster.

In addition to our Google Analytics workshop and course, we also offer Google AdWords training. 
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